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Cool, breathable, odour-resistant, anti UV,
Merino wool is the perfect choice for sports at any level,
also in summertime.


Summer is approaching, temperatures are rising … and we continue to wear Merino wool. Because, even though it may seem incredible, wool is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear not only to protect yourself from the cold, but also from the heat. Breathable, anti-UV and surprisingly fresh, wool, a fabric commonly associated with winter, is actually perfect even in summer to face the hottest days and the most intense physical activity.

Wool fabrics are up to twice as cool to the touch as synthetic fabrics, because wool conducts body heat and moisture away from the skin.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative CompACT3 technology patented in Reda Laboratories, our Rewoolution fabrics are 20% softer than traditional Merino wool, providing next to skin comfort in every season!

Discover all the features that make Merino wool the ideal fabric even in summer.


Cool in the summer

Did you know that wool absorbs sweat releasing it into the air and keeping the skin dry?

The fine fibers of Merino wool have an extraordinary natural property: they are able to wick sweat away from the skin. Unlike many synthetic fibers, wool is in fact hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs the surrounding water vapor.

Merino wool can store up to 35% of its specific weight in water vapor and remain dry to the touch.

In summer, Merino wool absorbs the moisture generated by the body, making it evaporate to the outside and conducting the heat away from the skin. Compared to synthetic fabrics, wool can transfer 25% more moisture from the skin to the outside, which can be equivalent to a drop in temperature of up to 4 degrees.

The skin remains fresh and dry even when the temperature rises or physical activity becomes particularly intense.

In winter, on the other hand, wool keeps body heat constant. How? Merino wool is an active fiber, which reacts to both external and body temperature, creating or dispersing heat to balance the skin’s microclimate.

It therefore regulates body heat by keeping it constant, and keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer.


Odour resistant

Another extraordinary property of wool is its resistance to odours.

Bacterial growth on natural fibres like Merino wool is lower than on synthetic ones, preventing the development of unpleasant odours.

Furthermore, thanks to its complex chemical structure, wool retains odours within the fibres, releasing them only when washed. This is why a Merino wool garment can be worn several times before being washed.

Wool also absorbs part of the sun’s UV rays, protecting the skin, which makes it particularly suitable for sun exposure, in summer and winter.


Extremely soft

What more than anything else differentiates Rewoolution fabrics from others used in sportswear is the exclusive spinning system with which they are produced: the CompACT3 technology, capable of increasing the natural performance of the Merino wool.

Treated with this innovative technology developed in the Reda laboratories, the raw material increases its transpiring and thermoregulating features. The fibre is hair-free, does not sting, protects from UV rays and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours.

All these qualities, together with the softness and extreme lightness, make Rewoolution garments particularly suitable even in the summer season.

Our fabrics are 20% softer than traditional Merino wool. A real second skin!