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Dedicated to athletes, professionals and mountain and outdoor sports lovers, but also to those who want to experience the city in full comfort, Rewoolution collections are made with Reda Active fabric from pure Merino wool.

Our breathable, thermoregulating, anti-odour and quick-drying fabrics are ideal for the most intense sports activities and for experiencing any type of outdoor adventure. Explore them all.



Lightweight 180g/m²

With a weight of 180 g, the Reda Active® Merino Mesh is a jacquard fabric with a double weave hive structure that is highly breathable and elastic, and guarantees exceptional performance during sports.

Thanks to the three-dimensional structure of the weave, it offers excellent thermal insulation, keeping body heat constant even when the outside temperature drops.



Ultra Lightweight 140g/m² and Lightweight 190g/m

Extremely light, Reda Active® Merino Jersey is a non-reversible single-knit fabric, ideal for wearing as a base layer. 

Breathable and thermoregulating, it is available with a weight of 140 g or 190 g. Lightweight and comfortable like a second skin, with no hairs, it does not sting the skin and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours even after the most intense sporting activities.



Midweight 210g/m²

With a weight of 210 g, the 100% Reda Active® Merino Piquet has a honeycomb structure, and is a super breathable and quick-drying fabric, ideal for polo shirts or t-shirts.

Soft on the skin, it does not pinch nor smell, and is resistant and easy to wash.



Midweight 280g/m²

Double-weave uniformly smooth and compact, medium-weight fabric.

Soft on the skin and with extraordinary thermoregulation and breathability capabilities, Reda Active® Merino Punto Roma is particularly suitable for giving life to warm garments, suitable for outdoor activities in changing climatic conditions.


Rewoolution was born from the encounter between the Biella textile tradition and Compact3 technological innovation, the innovative spinning system that uncovers the real strength of each garment and ensures 15% more resistance, 30% more elasticity and 20% more softness than traditional Merino wool.

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The Merino wool with which our fabrics are produced is ethical, sustainable and high-performing. Learn all about the extraordinary properties of wool.

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