Rewoolution Rewoolution

Naturally Beautiful

Let's dress for the most contemporary adventure that exists: the one that brings humans closer to nature.


It is possible to merge environmental responsibility with Made in Italy quality.


For those looking for an authentic experience of being immersed in nature.

Rewoolution, as the name suggests, is the proof that what seems impossible
is not only achievable, but is already reality.

A Made in Italy sportswear brand that uses 100% natural and ethical merino wool,
Rewoolution blends technical performance, style and sustainability.



Each Rewoolution garment is made with utter respect for the environment and is fully traceable.

From our farms in New Zealand, owned by the Reda Group, where the sheep that produce the wool are raised,

to the production plants in Italy where the raw material is processed, each step is scrupulously monitored.



We all leave our footprints in nature. The question is, what type of footprint do you leave?


B Corp companies are not only the best in the world, but the best FOR the world.


Our goal is to not only reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible,
but also to have a positive influence as a company
on the world and people.
At every stage of our work, we are inspired by this purpose.

Rewoolution is the first Italian sportswear brand
to obtain the B Corp certification,
the most advanced international standard
aimed at measuring the economic, environmental and social impacts of participating companies.

B Corp certifies companies that distinguish themselves the most
for their high standards of transparency, responsibility and purpose.
Being a B Corp company, therefore, means seeing business as a positive force, creating value for society.

Companies that, like us,
adhere to the B Corp model, are committed to respecting
the highest standards of performance, transparency and responsibility,
with a clear goal:
to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

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Athletes, outdoor sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, Rewoolutionaries.

As professional athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts, we all share the love of nature. Therefore, our greatest efforts must be directed to protecting what we love.


Our passion for adventure amid nature is strongly linked to the desire to preserve our environment.

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What we choose to wear has an impact on the world around us. Rewoolution was created with this awareness.


We care, and so do you.

Sustainability and transparency are two key elements of our DNA.

By choosing Rewoolution, you can rest assured that you are making your contribution to protecting the environment and future generations in many ways.