Rewoolution Rewoolution

Made in Italy Quality and Sustainability

Rewoolution is the Reda Group 's activewear brand dedicated to those who love to play sports with full respect for nature.

100% Made in Italy, Rewoolution clothing is the mouthpiece of a revolution that sees sportswear codes blending with the needs of fashionable, everyday style.

During physical activity, in the mountains or in the city, every challenge must be faced in style.



Since 1865, Reda has been synonymous with Made in Italy excellence, the pursuit of quality and continuous innovation.

From the experience of the Reda style and research studio comes Rewoolution, a collection of technical clothing designed for sport and leisure: a new generation of products capable of combining a high level of technical performance with the quality and excellence of an Italian production, with full respect for the environment.

Rewoolution fabrics are produced entirely in Italy, in the Reda factories, in Croce Mosso, on the hills of Biella, with processing techniques that have been handed down for over 150 years and a traceable and transparent process, to guarantee a very high quality fabric, declared Made in Italy not only due to their style, but also due to their attention to detail.



A strong bond with the land is one of the distinctive features of Reda, a vocation that comes from the deep respect for a centuries-old artisan tradition and which translates into a product of Italian excellence in its most authentic form.

The wool culture is deeply rooted in the manual skills of local artisans, who have always contributed to the success of the historic wool mill.

Under the leadership of the Botto Poala family, and thanks to a passion handed down from generation to generation, Reda has been able to draw its strength from the craftsmanship of the Biellese workers to produce a unique fabric of superb quality. Wearing a Reda fabric means choosing Made in Italy excellence, favouring the elegance of style and the quality of raw materials.



Reda's commitment to the enhancement of people and respect for the environment stems from the love for its land and the deep respect for its resources. The bond with the land is strong, as is the awareness that the quality of production must go hand-in-hand with environmental protection.

Attention to the issue of sustainability is the basis of all Reda processes and this commitment translates into the use of renewable energies and virtuous practices of recycling and reduction of emissions, reduction of water consumption, direct management of the entire production chain , training of the workforce and continuous technical updating of the systems .

From innovative photovoltaic systems to water filtration systems to the rigorous monitoring of each operation within its plant, Reda demonstrates its commitment in the field of sustainability on a daily basis and is the voice for continuous innovation, based on its respect for resources, individuals and the environment.



As a demonstration of its historic commitment in the field of sustainable innovation, Reda has obtained numerous certifications These include the B Corp certification and the EMAS certification.

Reda is the first vertical cycle wool mill in Europe to obtain EMAS certification, which ensures not only full compliance with legislative standards, but also continuous improvement of environmental performance. 

EMAS is the community eco-management and audit system (acronym for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which both public and private companies and organisations based in the European Community or outside of Italy can voluntarily join if they wish to engage in evaluating and improving their environmental efficiency.

EMAS registration indicates the compliance of a company or site with the provisions of European Regulation No. 1221/2009.
This regulation aims to favour a more rational management of the environmental aspects of organisations based not only on compliance with legal limits, but also on the following:
¥ continuous improvement of its environmental performance;
¥ employees’ active participation;
¥ transparency with institutions and the public.